TJ's Breakfast Diaries

It all started in March 2004, about a year ago. T began working in Civic and J had a 9am class at ANU. Both were busy people for various reasons and needed time to breathe, relax and chill out. Breakfast sounded like the perfect opportunity to spend some time philosophising, discussing world events, politics, gossiping, or more often than not just having a whinge, a bitch or a moan about love, sex, work, family or friends.

Location: Australia

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Last chance

"This is their last chance," said J "If Lisa is not working this morning, then we move on".

T nodded in agreement. "Well, it was Lisa's service that kept us there in the first place, wasn't it? Remember how the second time we went, she came out with our coffee orders without us ordering"

"Yes, definitely. T'was pretty cool"

"And really, the food isn't that great. Sometimes the coffee too. I'm such a coffee snob aren't I J"

"Well, you do drink more than I. I think that gives you the right to be a snob"

The two were discussing their current favourite as they made their 15 minute walk down the hill from their house in Ainslie. It seemed to both, that the search was about to begin again.


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