TJ's Breakfast Diaries

It all started in March 2004, about a year ago. T began working in Civic and J had a 9am class at ANU. Both were busy people for various reasons and needed time to breathe, relax and chill out. Breakfast sounded like the perfect opportunity to spend some time philosophising, discussing world events, politics, gossiping, or more often than not just having a whinge, a bitch or a moan about love, sex, work, family or friends.

Location: Australia

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A new vocation for J

While T was choking on the cost of breakfast, J began to make his way to the door.

Just as he began to straighten his arm in order to push open the door he noticed a pretty girl with her hands full making her way towards the door. She was shuffling slowly, looking down at her hands, trying to decide the order of events required for her to pull open the door, without dropping their contents.

J opened the door slowly.

Upon hearing the door open, she stopped, looked up and smiled. J held open the door for her, and returned the smile. She walked in, thanking him on the way.

J walked out of the now open door and looked back to catch another glimpse of the girl.

Unfortunately, one look was all J got. Because right there in front of him was a waiter, four plates of breakfast balanced precariously on his arms and hands.

J held the door open for him, too.

"Thanks mate" said the waiter.

"No prob'" replied J "I don't suppose you have an opening for a doorman"

"Maybe" joked the waiter as he made his way to his customers.

T joined J outside.

"Four bucks a coffee" complained T "Four. Bucks. A. Coffee."


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