TJ's Breakfast Diaries

It all started in March 2004, about a year ago. T began working in Civic and J had a 9am class at ANU. Both were busy people for various reasons and needed time to breathe, relax and chill out. Breakfast sounded like the perfect opportunity to spend some time philosophising, discussing world events, politics, gossiping, or more often than not just having a whinge, a bitch or a moan about love, sex, work, family or friends.

Location: Australia

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Crispy Bacon

Both J and T were silent.

J. Because he wasn't a morning person at all, and confronting T about how he was feeling took all of the little morning energy he had.

T. She was obviously hurt and confused.

"Can I take your orders" The waitress broke the silence, not realising what had just transpired.

T and J hadn't even looked at the menus.

"Sorry. We haven't even looked" said J "Give us a moment"


It was time to move from the previous 5 minutes. Issue had been resolved and J wanted to move things along.

"I want what I had last week" said J. It was always eggs, bacon, tomato and mushrooms. "But the servings are so big...I don't know whether I can finish it all"

T put down the menu satisfied "Well I'm going with what I had last week. Eggs Benedict"

The waitress returned.

"Eggs Benedict!"

"Fried eggs, bacon, tomato and mushrooms"

T and J began to talk as per usual.

T finished her breakfast first. J struggled, finally pushing his plate forward satisfied. There was still a pile of bacon left. It was crispy anyways. And J is not a fan of cripsy bacon at all.

T reached across and picked up a piece of the bacon. She was a fan.

"Mmmmmm......good thing you don't like crispy bacon J. This has finished off my breakfast nicely"


"And seeing that you were insistent that we come back here, from now on we will go dutch"

T was half expecting this lecture - she had pushed the point about returning to Tosolini's.

"I always think that my friends think like me - that everything will work out in the end - but you are not like that - I've realised" J went on.

T was a bit hurt by the comment, but decided not to bite. She felt that both sides had taken each other for granted since they decided to share house.

"I dreamt that I told you that I was moving out last night" T said, now feeling guilty for pushing to come back here.


"I don't think it's like that - I still enjoy our breakfast time - it's sort of....decadent" responded J.

"Yeah, I don't mind going dutch - this whole breakfast thing has got out of hand - it started as a simple coffee and raisin toast and now it is the big breakfast and the blog" stated T.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A new vocation for J

While T was choking on the cost of breakfast, J began to make his way to the door.

Just as he began to straighten his arm in order to push open the door he noticed a pretty girl with her hands full making her way towards the door. She was shuffling slowly, looking down at her hands, trying to decide the order of events required for her to pull open the door, without dropping their contents.

J opened the door slowly.

Upon hearing the door open, she stopped, looked up and smiled. J held open the door for her, and returned the smile. She walked in, thanking him on the way.

J walked out of the now open door and looked back to catch another glimpse of the girl.

Unfortunately, one look was all J got. Because right there in front of him was a waiter, four plates of breakfast balanced precariously on his arms and hands.

J held the door open for him, too.

"Thanks mate" said the waiter.

"No prob'" replied J "I don't suppose you have an opening for a doorman"

"Maybe" joked the waiter as he made his way to his customers.

T joined J outside.

"Four bucks a coffee" complained T "Four. Bucks. A. Coffee."

What a rip off!

It had been several weeks since T and J had been to breakfast.

Today they thought they would try Tosolini's - a popular spot in Civic.

At first they thought they would sit outside, but when J went to the bank T decided it was far too noisy - the bus interchange just just around the corner, so they moved inside.

After waiting quietly for several minutes, J declared "It would be nice to get some service". They sat a bit longer, watching the waitress serving the people who came after them before J strode up to the brewster, asking if he could order coffee.

Straight away they were served - ordered coffee and then left to ponder the menu. It was T's turn to pay and she noticed that is was not going to be a cheap meal. But she already knew that this place was not known for its value for money.

J ordered the standard - poached eggs, bacon, tomato and mushroom. T went for the smoked salmon eggs bendict.

The coffee was good both commented, as the subject of conversation flowed between work and university.

"Gee it is nice to hear you talking about this stuff, rather than K" J observed.

"Well, I suppose I have got into my work at the moment - I can see the end in sight" T replied, refering to the postgraduate project she had struggled with for nearly four years.

Breakfast arrived, so no more chat for some time.

"This is nice, but it is a bit cold" T commented.
"There is nearly half a pig here" J stated about the pile of bacon on his plate.

After breakfast, T went to the counter.

"That will be $44.50, thanks" said the waitress

T tried to contain her shock - she was expecting it to be expensive - but not double what they normally pay!

Maybe they will go back next time so J can have a shout - after all the food was pretty good....